Monday, October 1, 2012

Marvelous In My Monday #9

Good evening! Hi, my name is Jaren... I kid. Long time no blog, I know and I’m sorry. In less than two weeks all this craziness will be over and I’ll be back to regular programming. I bet you can’t wait! At least I hope you can't. My Granny called my father last night and was like, “Tell Jaren she needs to post on her blog.” Well yes ma’am!

So like I said, today we are exactly TWELVE DAYS away from the wedding. DO. NOT. PANIC. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I feel like the day is going to get here and I’m not going to be prepared then I’m going to have a heart attack. Hence I’ve become a list making fool. Never really liked making lists till now, but I found it helps keep me sane. We are pretty much done now except for getting our license, premarital counseling, and meeting with the DJ for the last time. All of that will be done this week though, and the 5th is my “Girls Night Out” and the fiance’s Bachelor Party.

Since I haven't done a MIMM post in a while I thought I would do that today to tell you about all the fun and great things that have been going on around here.

Shower: Back on the 22nd my two wonderful sisters, Candace and Logann, threw the fiance and I a shower. Our friends came, people from church, and a few of my parents friends. It was so pretty and the food was GREAT even though I was too busy talking to everyone to eat a lot of it. Boo. We are truly blessed with some great people in our life and had an AWESOME time. Plus we got some great cooking stuff. OH! And my sister Candace gave me The Rose Quilt she made, I have been trying to get my fingers on it since I saw it on her blog. Not going to lie, this girl almost cried. Its so pretty!!

Bridesmaid Luncheon: The next day we had a nice luncheon for my bridesmaids/man. It was at this awesome tea room in Old Town Spring. We had champagne, tea, cute little sandwiches and sweets. Grown up tea party, I thought it was probably the coolest thing ever. (I'm so going back).

Fall: October has finally arrived and brought the amazing fall weather with it! Finally the Texas heat is gone and its nice cool breezy days ahead. I love hoodie weather, I'm so stoked! Last night the fiance grilled some BBQ chicken and veggies, and we sat outside on the swing and drank wine. PERFECT kind of night. {Even though we might have had too much wine, oops. Wine is good for your heart right? :) }

Muse: Tomorrow is the release of the new Muse CD, The 2nd Law! New workout music, HURRAY! I pre-ordered it months ago on iTunes, so I'll probably be up at midnight laying in bed listening to it. Yeah, I've told you before - I'm obsessed. Their new song Madness is a AWESOME running song. 

Construction: It is so close to being done! The walls are in and the cabinets in the gym are done as well. Now just paint and floors! So ready to show you guys how it turned out! {Also to have a legit gym in the house!}

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate: Is it possible to become an addict? My father has been buying this for my mother, and I am addicted. I have a little nibble ever day and its wonderful!

And as for a funny story, the other day I dropped the Camaro off at the dealer for an oil change. The dealership is right next to my sisters neighborhood, but also a huge interstate. I gave the lady the keys and asked how long, and she asked if I was going to wait for it. I told her no I'm going to run home. She assumed I had a ride and I was like no literally I'm going to run home, like exercising. She looked at me like I'd grown two heads. I then explained where my sistered lived but I still think she was like this girl is crazy. It was funny. Trust me. 

So I've also been slacking on my blog reading, shocker I know. Any good posts I should read? Recipes or workouts, add the links to your comments!

Eat, clean, train hard, and inspire others!

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