Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sore, what a wonderful feeling!

Good evening everyone, is it the weekend yet? This week didn’t start out on a good note for me, plus we have no AC in the bedrooms of our house so sleeping on the living room floor doesn’t help. I feel like a zombie.

Last night I got home late, and even though my day was TERRIBLE and I had a headache, I still put on my gym clothes and busted out a forty minute workout.  I’m glad I did though, I’m sore today and that is always a welcome feeling. Means I kicked butt!

Also, as for my acid reflux I think I got it under control again. I haven’t had any pain since Sunday. Maybe I was stressed about something and that aggravated it? I’m just glad it is gone, that is not a good feeling. Just have to stay focused, eat small, clean meals with lots of water.

Today, my friend and I went to Jamba Juice so I could get my sixteen mega mango of joy and then walked around to all the shops. HOLY COW, we have a Lululemon! I had no clue it was there, I no longer have to buy online! And they have a purple gym bag that this girl wants REALLY bad.

Earlier, while I was on Facebook, some of my lady friends were discussing being sore, so I thought I would post a little on that today. So thank you ladies if you are reading this for the ideas. You’re awesome, and inspiring.

Here are some ways you can help reduce soreness after a killer workout!

1. Stretch

If you start feeling sore, take a few minutes to stretch really good. Also, make sure you cool down properly and stretch after your workouts!

2. Drink lots of water

Water is key for all of the body’s metabolic functions and all other bodily functions,  and will help boost your recovery.

3. Warm shower or bath with Epsom salts

Epsom salt is made of the mineral magnesium, which is believed to help reduce inflammation in tired muscle and minimize soreness. It is also good for relieving stress and as a sleep aid. All you need is two cups in your bath!

On a separate note, some athletes believe in contrast water therapy in which you alternate hot and cold showers. To try this, try alternating two minutes of hot water with 30 seconds of cold water, and repeat four times.

4. Foam Roller

As I discussed in this post, foam rollers are great for sore muscles. It massages tight muscles and helps release knots.

5. Massage

Not only do they feel AMAZING, but it’s a great way to improve circulation in the body.

6. Fish Oil

Fish oil helps reduce inflammation throughout the body which can help with repairing muscles after a strenuous workout!

7. Keep Moving

Ever noticed if you sit down a lot the day after you work out that when you get up the soreness gets worse and worse each time? This lets the muscles get cold and stiff. Keep moving, find ways to stay active. It keeps your blood moving and helps the muscles repair faster!

8. Pain relief like Advil

If the pain is just not going away, or you can’t walk without looking like a grandma, try taking a small dose of a pain reliever like Advil or Ibuprofen.

9. Don’t Over Train

Make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too far beyond your limits, especially if you haven’t warmed up. And remember, rest days are important for your body to repair those muscles!

Hopefully this is helpful! I may need that hot bath with bath salts later, lavender scented is my FAVORITE.

Well I'm off I go to enjoy a night with my sister and her family! Going to cook some tasty Mexican food and maybe do some sprints with the fiancé to get him ready for his test and hopefully not pass out from the 100 degrees Texas heat!

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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