About Me

Welcome to Kiwi Fit Blog. I no longer update this blog, but if you want to see what I'm up to these days check out my new blog - Resolute Barbelle.

My name is Jaren, I'm 28 years old and from the great state of Texas! I'm married to the greatest guy I've ever known, Skip, and you'll be hearing about him a lot. I was born in Louisiana and spend my summers in Florida, so I love seafood and sunshine! When I have spare time, I enjoy going to car shows [I have a 2010 Chevy Camaro], reading, photography, and just being outside! I grew up on a forty plus acre ranch in the middle of nowhere where my parents raise horses and cows. I also have two wonderful sisters who help keep me motivated to stay fit, and keep me crazy sane. My older sister, Candace, is a fellow blogger, she runs Salt Water Quilts. She is very talented and creative, I definitely didn't get the creative gene - except when it comes to cooking and photography.

I train under the guidance of Ledbetter Inc and their amazing coaches! I focus on lifting heavy and following a flexible diet approach, everything in moderation. I believe fitness needs to be a sustainable lifestyle not just a few months a year to get into a bikini.
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