Saturday, July 14, 2012

Buttering Me Up

Good evening my lovelies! I hope all of you are enjoying your Saturdays! I just got done enjoying some Skinny Taste Sloppy Joes & quinoa with mexicorn. I got some peppers on my hand while I was cooking and even though I've washed it with Dawn it still burns if I scratch anywhere... Oi vey it burns!

Yesterday marked exactly three months until the wedding but I was totally surprised when I got a text from the fiance telling me to meet him in the lobby of my work where I found these waiting on me... Act like a giddy school girl? Why yes I did!

Then when I got home I was told to get dressed because we were going to dinner! Yes sir! I was not going to object! We ended up at BJ's Brewhouse. I got a 5oz shooter of their low calorie beer and the vegetarian mini pizza while the fiance got a small margarita and mahi mahi tacos! And I had plans for desert, oh dear... how about some froyo? As if he had a choice. There is a local shop called Pink Berry and I love that they have a mini size! I get my chocolate fix and don't have to worry too much about my waist!

It was such a great night but I always feel like I'm being buttered up for something. I guess this is his way from keeping me from wearing my Nikes to the wedding and running out the door. {I kid} Now being the big party animals we are we still managed to be home and in bed by ten. Oh yeah, we are that lame. But I'll take being lame for a much needed 8 hours of sleep! Actually we had originally came home early to get a run in, but my favorite friend, migraine, showed up and killed that.

Crossfit games? Anyone watching them online or on the tv? I am so amazed, those are some amazing individuals! {though watching it makes me feel like a pansy}

Eat clean. train hard, & inspire others!
-Kiwi && Me

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  1. What a sweet hubby to take you on a surprise date night!!!


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