Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I’ve been sitting here thinking about something substantial to blog about and quite frankly I’m coming up blank. While I have some cool things planned for the next few days, today’s post just isn’t coming along like I wanted so I thought I would just share what is on my mind.

Pinterest: I have to force myself to limit my time on there, especially in the Food and Recipe section. Here are some recipes that I am dying to make: Hot Crab Dip, Cheesy Shrimp & Crab Shells, and Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip.

Training Mr. Crazy: The fiancé and I have been working daily to train our new family pup Sawyer. He is very one track minded, and as soon as he sees the cows and horses he just completely goes into his own little world. He wants to go after them, they want to go after him. Hopefully this is a something we can break him of soon. Other than that he is great. He splashes in his kiddie pool daily and its HILARIOUS. He will play fetch for awhile but then he becomes more interested in attacking Van. Energy Level: 1000.

Love Grown Granola: At our local store we have most of the Love Grown Granolas but we don't have the chocolate flavored. Boo. Well Logann called and said she found it in her town, she was very impressed in the nutritional information of the granola, and she is now hooked! Spreading the love. Now hopefully the next time she comes home she will bring me some chocolate granola. I mean that is what sisters do, right? 

5 Day Weekend: This weekend is another five day weekend (I get one every 3 weeks), so maybe I’m more focused on freedom than blogging and that is my problem. I have a lot of fun plans this weekend; my sister is coming home, mother is coming home, blueberry picking, Dad’s birthday, recipes I’m working on… I’m very excited! Plus the 4th of July is just around the corner and that is always a fun day for my family!

Magic Mike: Am I the only girl not dying to see this? I also have a lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I don’t want to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe I’m flawed, but I’m way more excited for the new Spider Man on the 3rd and the next Batman the week after!

Under Construction: Our house in under construction! My parents have decided to make our garage gym a legit kick butt gym, build an upstairs office for my mother, and build a new garage. We have had lots to do moving stuff around and getting everything ready for the builders. The house looks weird. But I’m super stoked to see how the gym turns out.

Hair: You might have noticed all the pony tails I’ve been sporting in my pictures, aside from those of me exercising it is mostly because this girl needs a haircut. I’m also trying to decide if I want to stick with the dark or go lighter?

Wedding shoes: WHY IS THIS DECISION SO HARD? I’ve been looking all over for pretty blue flats to wear under my dress, and they are either not blue or not pretty. I think the people at DSW are starting to think I’m crazy.

Skinny Cows: The fiance picked up a new kind at the store, Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl. O.M.G. So good. Find it, try it.

Well I'm off to con the fiance into playing with my hair before I workout. 

Ps. This is funny.

What movie are you looking forward too? 
What recipe are you excited to try?

Live, Love, and Lift!
-Kiwi and Me
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