Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sick Weekend, Yay {Insert sarcasm}

I'm sorry for my absence my dears, but this girl is sick. I have always bragged to my friends that I've never gotten a stomach bug and karma finally caught me. I am miserable. Like don't want to eat, move, workout, or think miserable. But I didn't want ya'll to think I had forgotten about you so I just had to post! Since I haven't been cooking anything new or doing anything exciting I'll just stick to the little wonderful things that have kept me sane the last few days.

This is definitely one great thing I wanted to share! Yesterday I received some mail, and not just any old mail! Lots of coupons to Love Grown Foods!! Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean always raves about them and when it finally showed up in my local store I just knew I had to try it! So excited to go pick up some granola, next time I visit the store. 

I bought some new polish, Zoya Kimber. I love the color! Its feisty.

My family adopted this little guy from the local rescue today. His name is Sawyer, and he is a border collie. He is roughly sixteen months old and weighs twenty eight pounds. He is a little guy indeed, but sweet and smart! And he adores my mom, follows her everywhere. {but that is because she bribes all our fur babies with treats so they will love her best} I know I missed Furry Friday yesterday, so here is your fur baby love! {he was all tuckered out from playing with our other dog Van all day}

Tonight we celebrated Father's Day. I bought my dad the new Kobalt Xtreme set, I don't know why its so great but he loves it so I'm happy. He cooked ribs, sweet potatoes, cole slaw and butter beans for dinner. Although everything looked great I had a hard time eating anything and spent most of the evening passed out on the floor. Lucky me.

I also got my foodie penpals box today, and as always the fiance and my Dad were sitting there digging through the box to see what it contained. Men. But more on that in a few weeks. 

And before I leave ya'll, here is a little motivation to keep you going!


Did wonderful happen to you today? 
Did anything happen that just made your day?

Live, Love, and Lift!
-Kiwi Fit Blog

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