Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sun, Fun, and Blueberries...

Ever have one of those days that don't start off the way you wanted? I really wanted to go to the CrossFit PRx lake day but didn't make it out due to errands. BOO. 

So instead I got in a great WOD at home while my mom ran on the treadmill. Gym time is like movie time with exercise! I think I was making my mother nervous while I was doing squats. Beastmode. I also got my Unbroken Designs belt this week in neon yellow; I absolutely LOVE it. Plus its pretty.

This week at CrossFit has been rough! I have been sore pretty much everyday. 

Some highlights: I PR'd my clean and jerk by 10lbs making it 100lbs, I finally got my toes to bar and strung two together (at the expense of 4 hand tears in one day - joy), and I over came my fear of high box jumps (usually do the 20" side of the box but Wednesday I did the 24'' side) but it was definitely a challenge mentally.

After my workout I had this amazing dish for lunch! Chopped tilapia over baby spinach and broccoli! SO GOOD. I pretty much inhaled it. And yes that is a John Deere plate. 

When the hubby came home we got ready to go to Moorehead Blueberry Farm to pick blueberries but when we checked their site they were already picked over. I was definitely not happy as I have been looking forward to picking blueberries for days. So like always it was Hubby to the rescue and he found us a new farm to try out called Pioneer Blueberry Farm! We definitely enjoyed it more so than the other farm. It had tons of organic berries at a great price and it was much more peaceful. We spent two hours in the 90 degrees heat sweating our butts off picking blueberries and ended up with 10lbs! Something about picking blueberries is so therapeutic. Not to mention that I probably ate my body weight in blue berries as I picked. Oops.

Dinner was thrown together quick: beef burger over baby spinach with onions, mushrooms and avocado and sweet potato fries. Definitely my favorite easy meal.

Well I'm off to help my mother make homemade peach and blueberry cobbler (I don't like cobbler apparently I'm a freak but Dad and the hubby do)!

Question: How did you spend your Saturday?

Did you PR or overcome a fear this week?

Eat clean, train mean, and inspire others!

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