Sunday, December 16, 2012

When I said I do...

SCHOOL IS OVER. {For a month.} Who is excited? This girl. I survived both my classes, and I'm so relieved to have them behind me. 

I have finally sat down to take the time to write a post about the wedding, nearly two months later. I think though I will save the reception for another post cause there is just too much to write about.

So the wedding.

Well lets start with the day before shall we? I got up early and drove to Houston to pick up a rental camaro, since I didn't want anyone messing with my own. It was a gorgeous 2012 Victory Red 2SS/RS (which means its a fully loaded V8 for those who don't speak car). Perfect chariot for the weekend. 

After I picked up the camaro, I met my little sister Logann and my best friend Brittney to get our nails done. It had been a long time since I had gotten a mani/pedi and it was such a blast to sit there and chat with my girls while we relaxed. From there we met my aunts, grandmother, other sister and mother at Crossroads Tea Collection for another round of high tea! Sitting around nibbling on sandwiches and drinking tea in such a gorgeous setting just made me feel like I was in a movie. Could not have been any more perfect and I know my grandmother enjoyed it a lot! 

The last stop of the night was the rehearsal dinner at the church. We did our run through in the chapel and then headed down to the large hall for some yummy fajitas catered from Margarita's Mexican Restaurant by the husband's super sweet mom! Everyone sat around and mingled, lots of laughs and shenanigans as usual. 

When it was time to go home and get our beauty rest, I took the camaro and hit the road. Never fails. Got pulled over by a state trooper; I explained to him that it was the night before my wedding and that I was exhausted so he let me off with a warning but all my friends got a huge kick out of it.

The day of I woke up around 9am, double checked my list, got dressed, and loaded the car with mine and Logann's stuff. Let me tell you that car was loaded down, you'd think we were going on a trip for a month! We drove to town to pick up my older sister Candace, stopped by Starbucks {of course}, and headed to the church to get ready! One of my super sweet Camaro club friends did my hair and my make up while we jammed out to music, munched on subs my mother dropped off for us, and we goofed off. Next thing I know the photographers have showed up and its less than an hour to go! 

They were not kidding when they said time would fly. Every time I went to do something someone kept saying -45 minutes, 40 minutes... Oi vey. Dad forgot the marriage license and had to go all the way home to get it! Granny's rental broke down and they had to get help! I was starting to worry. Everyone kept saying how calm I was during everything but I was so excited, no worries or woes. Thirty minutes out and I didn't have my dress on, not to mention started the laces on the back. In the last few minutes we were rushing around like little bees, so was my stomach! 

Next thing I know we are standing in the hallway, lined up and ready to go, piano music is blaring in my ears, Dad is waiting on me... My bridal party heads in, and I started shaking. I was worried about walking in my shoes, dropping my bouquet, falling flat on my face. 

They opened the doors and first thing I see is the husband is crying, like not a tear, full out crying. BE STILL MY HEART. I just wanted to hug him. 

The rest flew by, I do remember the preacher trying to get him to look at me instead of her, everyone laughed at that. We almost missed our kiss cue, you'd think we'd remember the most important part, and then it was out the door in a flurry! 

And we will save the rest for another day... :) So stay tuned.

PS. The professional pictures are courtesy of Kat and Loren from Mustard Seed Photography, I love them dearly they are beyond AWESOME. 

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