Monday, May 27, 2013

Cooking with grease, well not really grease... Thats gross.

Knock, knock...
Whose there?

Me. :)

If any of you follow me on Instagram (KiwiFitBlog) you'll know that life has been sorta nuts for me the last few months. Half my family moved off, my little sister moved back, accounting almost killed, crossfit tries to kill me everyday, and my trusty Mac Book straight up just gave up on life. Well not really; it runs, the hard drive is just bad and so trying to do anything is impossible... Even blogging.  After receiving such diagnosis from the doctors at the Genius Bar the hubby and I bought a new baby...   And here we are. Getting all my music, movies, and pictures off of my old laptop is proving to be a pain... {hence chocolate was needed} About to ship that sucker off and let someone else get the grey hairs.

Anyways. My world. You're probably wondering what is new... Our home gym is finally finished, and this bad boy came in the mail! Rogue Fitness Charlie bar and bumper set, as well as the S-4 squat rack! Absolutely love it, definitely allows me to work on form and technique at home, practice makes perfect! They couldn't get the semi down our road, so the hubby went and brought it to the house on the tractor. Only in the country. :)

Recently, I came back from heaven. You may call it Florida, but seriously it is as close as it gets. I hate dragging myself away every year, if only I could win the lottery... I would never leave. Ate way to much seafood, spent countless hours on the beach {holy crap the water was cold}, and got to see my awesome MeeMaw {HI MEEMAW, LOVE YOU}!

While in Florida, I bought some Saucony's! I love them! I was hoping they would help with some leg pain I have been experiencing while I run.... No go. Going to work on form this week and if it doesn't get better then I'll probably go to the sports doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. I have never liked running, but I am still trying.

As for this wonderful holiday weekend, I spent Friday on the beach laying out with Logann and watching Dino and Mom paddle board. Never wanted it to end. Saturday was spent in the back seat of the Camaro, watching movies {Star Trek and Mirror Mirror} on my iPad. Yesterday, the husband I had a flat out awesome day. Got up early and did our Sunday food prep while watching Ever After. Tilapia, brussel sprouts, green beans, and quinoa for the week!

Then we went to the mall to see the Apple doctors, saw Star Trek Into Darkness {OMG IT WAS SO GOOD-yes I'm a nerd}, walked around Hubbell & Hudson {a way cool market in the Woodlands}, and finished the night at our favorite restaurant America's! We had plantains with pesto and empanadas as appetizers. The hubby had a glass of wine and I, off course, got my mojito. We split steak and buffalo as an entree, and topped it off with tres leches for desert. SO GOOD. 

Today, the hubby is grilling and is forcing me to watch the whole Duck Dynasty series... Oi vey. 

On another note, look what our friends at Lara Bar sent me to try out... Its their new ALT BAR! It has 10g of protein made from PEAS! Its vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO. Super filling and delicious! I loved it and I can't wait till they arrive in stores!

Last but not least, tonight when you sit down to enjoy your beer and BBQ with your friends and family please remember the reason for today's holiday. Raise up a prayer or a thank you for those who gave their life so you can enjoy freedom. They gave up all for you. 

Well I'm off to order the Rogue SR1, was finally able to string 10 double unders together! WINNNNING! So this girl is going to practice, practice, practice! Good night!

Eat clean, train mean, and inspire others!
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