Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy Wednesday!

Good evening!

Today I sadly won't have a WIAW post because I have been running around like a CRAZY person! CRAZY PERSON. And taking pictures of food sort of just slipped my mind. I'm human, and I'm sorry. Thank goodness I'm only getting married once, because I think if I had to do this again I'd go nuts. I got a lot done today though - rings inspected, wedding jewelry ordered, ring bearer pillow, garter, and bridesmaid presents!

Thankfully after next Friday I will be shifting out of planning mode and into party mode! I'm ready for things to slow down. {Though school starts next week - ugh accounting blows} Less than seven weeks; and yes I'm having all kinds of crazy wedding anxiety dreams about anything from not having wedding shoes to having the wrong dress to sleeping through the ceremony and walking out into an empty reception hall. I did to find some kind of sleep aid tea to knock these dreams in the butt.

Today I went to the gym and got a good fifty minutes of elliptical cardio in. Logann was going to do super sets and she ended up talking nutrition with a bunch of older gentlemen. When I got home after some sushi {yay} and errands I did some weights, squats, push ups and crunches. Sunday I did a bunch of lumberjack squats while I was watching Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition and I'm still sore from that today! That is probably my favorite move!

This afternoon I received an email from a lady asking to do a guest post on the blog and how I felt about it. I would love to have guest posts! So if any of my readers would like to post - just send me a rough draft, pictures, and links to your social media and I would be glad to share! My only preference is that I don't want posts selling a product or service. I would love posts about transformations, tips on nutrition or exercising! 

Come back tomorrow for there will be a guest post collaboration from Logann! 

Eat clean, train hard, and inspire others!
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