Monday, August 20, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday #8

Marvelous in My Monday is a link up party started by the wonderful Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats. You just post about marvelous things that have happened to you over the week. 

1. Austin - Last weekend I got the opportunity to go visit my sister in Austin with the fiance in tow! Friday night we made homemade sushi, Saturday we spend the morning in the park and the afternoon at the springs swimming, and Sunday we headed home after breakfast! We had so much fun, and it was great to just hang out and enjoy the end of the Olympics. This weekend she came home and now I get to spend a whole week with my sissy!

2. Madness - I am a H U G E Muse fan; 90% of my workout music comes from Muse. Today they released their new single "Madness" and it was instant joy to my ears!

3. Clean Room - Yesterday I was having a not so great day and I came home to find my fiance had cleaned my room and made my bed. INSTANT HAPPINESS. There is nothing from going from a Level 10 Disaster Area room to a clean room. I think I even sleep better with a clean room. It is the small things in life.

4. CHECKS - Nothing like checking things off the wedding to do list! NOTHING. In the last few days we got both our cakes ordered, ordered our cake topper off of Etsy, got the rental paid for, and all the table linens picked out! Load off for sure! And I love it that my fiance is so involved and he has even picked out lots of stuff for our wedding! All that is left is little things and presents! 

Well my friends I am off to go cook some kabobs for dinner and enjoy my new marvelous DVD, The Hunger Games.

Eat clean, train hard, & inspire others!
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