Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bikini Depression

Study: Trying on Swimsuits Makes Women Anxious, Depressed

(NEW YORK) – “We're heading into that dreaded time of year for many women: swimsuit season.

A study by Australian researchers seems to confirm the fear that women have of trying on bikinis or one-piece suits in store dressing rooms as the summer approaches.

What's more, just thinking about it can put women in a crummy mood, according to Flinders University psychologist Marika Tiggemann.

These negative thoughts only exacerbate feelings of self-objectification, which basically reduces women to thinking they're only being evaluated as objects.

Tiggemann says this can lead to women "always worrying about how you look, shame about the body, and [it] is linked to eating disorders and depression."

Put women in a dressing room and this self-objectification only grows worse because of "mirrors, bright lighting, and the virtual demand that women engage in close evaluation of their body in evaluating how the clothes appear and fit

Tiggemann admits it's a tough predicament, especially if you need to buy a bathing suit, so her advice is to avoid mirrors and comparisons with others and stick to activities that deemphasize appearance such as yoga or sports

Amen! I have been busting my butt since early February just so I feel comfortable in a bathing suit come vacation in a few weeks. I’m still anxious about it. What if I don’t lose enough or tone enough by then? I am right there with you guys. And this applies to boys too. I know the fiancé has been working out in preparation for the beach, saying he doesn’t want to show his love handles to the world.

This summer lets change it up! Why do bathing suits have to be scary? Or make us want to go curl up in a ball? The key is to do your best and forget the rest. Don’t worry about the girl in the chair next to you at the pool, or splashing in the water at the beach. Maybe they are blessed with the skinny gene, or maybe at some point they made the decision to get up and work hard to change their appearance. I know we think everyone is watching us and pointing out our flaws, but they aren’t. WE ARE OUR OWN WORST CRITIC. These are people you’ll probably never ever see again.

So first off, get up and move your tush. Don’t wait till the last minute. Start a few months early, so that way come bikini season you’re in better/decent/good shape. You’ll feel better going to pick out a bathing suit if you’ve been busting your butt to get in shape and you have lots of new muscles to show the world. I started in February, and I'm down eight pounds and four away from my goal. I didn't want to go bathing suit shopping and cry. I wanted to be well prepared for fun in the sun. Bust your butt in the gym and count your calories and you'll be very happy with the results. Good things come to those who work!

Second, find a bathing suit that suits your body shape. Wearing a suit that doesn’t work with your body can make you look heavier than you are or highlight areas that you may not want to. So research bathing suit styles and which ones work with your body. I know we all want to wear the cute string bikinis but if it’s not best for you, let it go. I have seen some really cute one pieces, bikini’s with shorts, halter tops… Shop around, even if it takes a little time. You’ll feel much better about showing up in your bathing suit if it it’s the best one for you.

And lastly, learn what you can fix and what you have to except. Guys as much as we would all love to have a perfect model or sports athlete body, we don’t all have the same body shape. Some of us hold fat in different places. Like I’ve said before you can’t spot train, as much as we would love too, you can only reduce the all over fat on your body and hope it reduces that spot. But if you are a rocking weight, in good shape and you have that one spot that drives you crazy, it’s a vanity spot and it may never go away. Our body likes to store a reserve in case we ever starve. I know we probably won’t starve, but no matter how much we have evolved over the past centuries it hasn’t learned that yet. It really needs to get with the program. So fix what you can and accept what is natural. You are beautiful or handsome no matter what. And the people that matter, know that already.

As for me and my world…  A few weeks till vacation. This weekend will be the bikini trial run, it’s the fiancé’s birthday and we got a huge 20 foot water slide! I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve started using the My Fitness Pal app to track my calories instead of Lose It mainly because the calorie database is much better. I’m really enjoying it. Last night I didn’t work out because I got a migraine, so I stayed below 1300 calories for the day and went to bed early. Tonight, Insanity Pure Cardio and homemade veggie pizza. This girl right here is excited! Ms. Fluffy is still my perpetual shadow! I do crunches she jumps on my stomach. I eat pizza, she tackles me for it. I try to get comfortable in bed and she curls up on my face. What would we do without our furry crazy counterparts?

So for your homework, research some bathing suits and think of ways you can improve yourself, inside and out, to the best of your ability so that trying on a bathing suit doesn’t make you depressed.

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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