Monday, April 9, 2012

Nike Training Club

Any time, anywhere. That's what the Nike Training Club app offers. Its easy to use, has voice over instruction, as well as videos demonstrating how to perform the moves correctly. There are a few options to choose from before you choose your workout. First is Get Lean - High interval cardio drills to slim down. Get Toned - Light weights and intervals to add definition. Get Strong - Increased weights and reps to build strength. And lastly, Get Focused - 15 minute workouts to target specific areas. Once you choose from those four options, it will give you several workouts to choose from varying in time, from fifteen minutes to an hour. I have used this app several times, especially if I'm at my fiance's house and needed to get in a workout. Not going to lie either, I thought that since this was a phone app that it would be easy, SO WRONG. I have had to pause several of these workouts to catch my breath. So take this app seriously. Its geared towards women, but that doesn't mean that men can't use this app. My fiance has used this app, he just uses heavier weights. Other cool things about this app is that it keeps track of your workouts and adds the time the app has been used to formulate a score that can help you unlock more workouts from celebrity athletes. The app also lets you share your workouts and progress with Facebook so your friends can see your progress! Overall I think this is a really cool tool to have in your fitness arsenal.  To download it, go to the iTunes App Store! Or you can just go and read the reviews if you want a little more information.

As for life in the world of me, had a great Easter. Probably ate one too many deviled eggs, my bad. Will have to be extra good this week, especially since vacation is creeping up slowly. On a positive note, I have been fitting in clothes I haven't been able to wear in ages and I am pretty happy about that. Its like having a whole new wardrobe! Fit in one of my smaller dresses for Easter yesterday! See left. As for my furry sidekick, I must have made her angry last night because she tried smothering me with stomach in my sleep last night. So loved. 

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me!

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