Wednesday, April 4, 2012

National Walking Day

Good evening! Today is the American Heart Association's  National Walking Day! Seriously. Some businesses even allowed their employees to wear tennis shoes to work for the first time EVER. And while the day is almost over, there is still time to move it! So lace up those shoes and get to moving my friends! It's not too late.

On the topic of walking. I know we all want to jump into the hard core workouts and instantly run five miles but for some that just isn't the case. Not everyone is in shape enough to walk into a gym and just blast it out. Some of us have to take baby sets to reach our goal, and when you're starting out, or have a lot of weight to lose, walking is great! Go for as long as you can, and the next day try to increase your distance by ten percent. After a while mix it up with intervals; 2 minutes moderate, 2 minutes brisk, repeat. You can find all kinds of walking exercises online. Grab a light pair of weights and bring them along to shape your arms. Just move. Do your best and forget the rest, as Tony Horton says!

As for me, I've just been trucking along! 1490 calories a day, working out 5 days a week! Still doing a mix of P90X, Insanity and Gilad. I through the occasional Bob Harper DVD in there to switch things up! Seven weeks till this girl is laying on the beach! MUST LOSE THIGHS! I kid, kind of. I am very happy with the changes I have made, and i know its not overnight. I can't complain!  As for my fluffy evil counterpart, she is still a stinker! Had lots of bad weather here in Texas last night and she was attached like glue. Who knew the devil was afraid of lightening? 

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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