Monday, July 9, 2012

Marvelous in My Monday #5

Sorry for my disappearance, it wasn't intentional! Our house is under construction and when they dug up the concrete outside, they also chopped the internet cable so my only contact with the outside world was my phone! But they came out and fixed it today and we are back in business. This alone is marvelous!

Marvelous in My Monday is a link up party started by the wonderful Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats. You just post about marvelous things that have happened to you over the week.

Iced Skinny Carmel Macchiatos: AT HOME! My sister and her husband make them at home to save money and passed along the how to. I went to HEB and got some Lola Savannah Carmel Nut coffee beans and ground them. I brew one serving, put in it a cup with ice, top it off with about a cup of skim milk, and then add two sweetner packets and VOILA! Now I won't break the bank with my new found Starbucks addiction.

New Recipes: I have been on a trying new recipes kick lately and its AWESOME. My parents are always skeptical but then always enjoy the new dishes!

First, I made Running to the Kitchen's Cheesy Zucchini Quinoa, except with cauliflower. It was SOOOOO good. Healthy comfort food right here! I might have eaten more than I should, but it was worth it!

Last night I cooked Sweet Tooth Sweet Life's Cheesy Crab and Shrimp Shells. Both my parents watch their cholesterol so I scrapped the shrimp for some chicken, but it was just as good. My Dad is pretty hard to please and he had two bowls, so I'm pretty sure this dish is Daddy Approved, and that is a high honor.

The Final Countdown: Less than 100 days to the wedding, so we are now in the full swing of things. Am I freaking out? A little. But the fiance is being very helpful and we now have all our appointments set, so now its just getting all the little things. I can do this.

Running: Remember I have not always been a fan of running, but it is growing on me. This weekend I went our walking/jogging, sprinting with the fiance. It was fun! But it was hot! And yes I know it says springing, serious iPhone fail. I am {facepalming} over here.

Kiwi: She is so cute and my marvelous little buddy. She is also a bed hog, a lap hog, and she is continuously trying to steal my ice cream.

Star Trek: Please bear with me as I have a complete and total NERD OUT moment. I can honestly say that the most recent Star Trek with Chris Pine is in my top three favorite movies. I watch it when I'm on the treadmill and every time it comes on tv. Well the other day I just decided to do a little self indulging and bought it for my iPad, so now I can nerd out where ever whenever. THIS IS MARVELOUS!

Well, I am off to enjoy my evening, the fiance went out and bought all this fancy stuff to cook that I'm not allowed to see until its done, and we are about to start a movie! Cozy night at home tonight, winning.

What marvelous thing has happened to you recently?

Eat clean, Train hard, & Inspire others!
-Kiwi && Me


  1. Your hubby sounds like a fabulous cook!! So jealous!! Love your nerd moment :)

    1. Thank you for sharing everything that has been so marvelous in your life lately. Hope you and hubby had a wonderful movie & dinner date @ home <3


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