Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Checks Feel So Great

So in case you didn't know, there are 98 days until this girl is a married lady. Yeah, I'm freaking out. We finally broke into the double digits and I have soooo much to do: cake, decorations, print {and send} invitations, grooms tuxes, hair trials, get the rehearsal scheduled... Freaking. Out. Hardcore. Not like bridezilla freak out, that is not my style. Plus I just hate the word bridezilla.

So I thought before I talked about my day I would give ya'll a little background on the fiance and I. We went to high school together, he thought I was pretty and I made fun of him. We had the same circle of friends but never really hung out together until my college years when I was in a serious relationship with someone else. We broke up, I was very upset, and my mom told me I needed to get out. Well his best friend decided to make his move, the fiance made his, and guess who won? I believe his exact text message {yes he was a goober and asked me out in a text} was, "We should mate, I mean date." We have been together for almost six years now.

Now I want everyone to know that I love my car like 1% less than the fiance. So a lot. I'm very paranoid about door dings (I got one that cost me $600 to fix), people messing with her, ect. We have known for four years that we were going to get engaged, I picked out the ring, so I knew it was coming. I told him, surprise me - I didn't want to see it coming. If he had flowers, or took me to a nice dinner I would know.

So I came home one day, and he was standing out front with the dog. I had had a horrible day, and had complained on the phone earlier about a car parking 3 inches from mine. {HEARTATTACH} I was trying to get my stuff out of the car and he said, "OMG Jaren someone door dinged you bad, like to the metal!" Instantly, I was livid. I was said he better not be joking, I was going to have someone's head... You get it, I was mad. So as I lug all my bags around to the other side of the car to see the damage, he is down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was stunned, surprised, and laughing at his methods. I believe my exact words were, "Yes, you shithead". We are loving. It was perfect for us, and we had a great night alone afterwards. Happy me.

So today we picked out our flowers - bouquets, reception, ceremony, table decorations, ect. Who feels about 10% lighter? *SMILE* Whites, and pinks... Lots of glass and candles... Its going to be so pretty! I'm very excited. Next week is final dress fitting and invitations, a month from now is cake and table decorations... Everything is coming together. I don't know how people do this and stay sane! Or do a DIY wedding... 10,000 Kudos to you guys.

Did you do a DIY wedding?
Was your proposal traditional or spontaneous?

Eat clean, Train hard, && Inspire others!
-Kiwi & Me

the engagement photographs are from Mustard Seed Photography
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