Friday, July 27, 2012

Furry Friday & A Winner

I know you're dying to find out who gets to get their hands on some yummy Larabars but you're going to have to hold you're horses. First I want to just share a little.

Lately I have been slacking on my workouts, not because I want to but because I have had a killer headache almost daily. Well I finally figured out the cause: not enough water. They took away our water filter at work so I haven't been getting the liter or so a day that I had been drinking daily at my desk. Fail. But I picked up one of those bottles with a filter and this girl is back in business. Moral of this story: DRINK YOUR WATER PEOPLE. Soda, coffee, and lemonade do not count.

I HATE missing workouts. I have been doing little wods in my house though to keep me moving but I haven't been doing my regular 40 minutes to an hour. My abs and thighs apparently think the wods were tough.

Tomorrow is Logann's birthday, so we will be celebrating! I'm so excited, I just know I have to remember portions portions portions... But who can say no to birthday cake? That is rude right?

On a side note - I'm Camaro-less. Since she had minor flood damage, the insurance company is replacing the interior. But because the carpet is coming from MI it is going to be awhile. I just want to say that my rental is so slow its painful.   

Okay. I guess we can talk about who won the Larabar giveaway now. For some reasons the comments aren't showing on the orginal post but I do have them in my comment manager. I used to pick the winner... And voila!

So Laurel contact me and send me your information so I can get it sent to Larabar! I know you want some tasty bars! 

And last but not least - Jasper! He can touch his tongue to his nose! Kid is a nut.

Well I'm going to go watch the Olympics opening ceremony! It is supposed to be pretty awesome! And I hear they play a lot of Muse clips! {Muse ADDICT}

Eat clean, train hard, and inspire others!
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