Thursday, July 12, 2012

Date Day

The last few days I have been functioning at 50%, I have been exhausted. Yesterday the fiance let me sleep in till 10:30 while he cooked up some french toast! I woke up feeling pretty spoiled. And grateful! 

The last few days have been cool and rainy, so we have been enjoying a lot of rain on the tin roof - my favorite sound. I think it was working its magic on everyone!

We both got ready and headed to town for the day. First stop was the flower shop handling our wedding. We paid the deposit, gave her the color pieces, and signed our life away. Kidding. But I did have to listen to the florist and the fiance talk fishing for awhile... He is obsessed.

Then we headed to the mall to order his wedding ring. Kay was able to order the one he wanted since we were unable to find it in any store. I am not big on having credit cards, frankly I think they are evil {thats the finance and accountant in me} but having that Kay card has come in REALLY handy during all of this. He was happy, so I was happy!

And since it was sort of his day, he picked lunch - sushi at Chi. The sushi was just as great as last time, but it smelled funny in there. I'll let them slide this time. I stuck with my usual california rolls with brown rice.

And he got all this funky stuff. The fish freaks me out, but he bribed me into trying it finally though. It was alright, I haven't died yet but I haven't ruled that out as a possibility. 

We thought about going to the movies but there wasn't anything that we were dying to see that we hadn't already seen so we decided to go take a stroll through Trader Joe's! We bought some chicken sausage, some frozen veggies, some deserts {duh}, and the fiance got some of their peppermint toothpaste and bar soap. He likes to smell good.

Next we tried out a new froyo place called Orange Leaf. I am a creature of habit and the fiance likes to constantly try new things, so he won this time.

We split peanut butter and chocolate swirled together with gummie bears, cookie dough pieces, and little peanut butter cups. It was delicious! We also tried the brownie batter afterwards - AMAZING. They had a flavor called birthday cake that tasted just like Louisiana wedding cake and I thought the fiance was going to cry with joy - that is his favorite stuff. So I know we will be going back, even though it is really far away.

I came home and found this on the door step!

I won it in a giveaway hosted by Itz Linz! Her blog is awesome, and she has such a cool personality! Go check her out! 

This box has all kinds of cool stuff: bars, protein, tea, aromatherapy, house cleaning stuff, make up, and snacks! 

Decided to nerd out again with some Star Trek. I'm serious when I say I watch this A LOT. I love it. 

Dinner consisted of pulled beef on sandwich thins, sweet potato fries, and eggplant we got from Trader Joe's. Of course the boys picked this meal out, but it was good none the less.

The fiance and I decided to have a planking contest, I lost but I did make it to 2 minutes which is a new record for me so I was very happy! Then I opted for some Bob Yoga! I am really  becoming addicted to this yoga... Who would have thought?

Saw this on a friends facebook and it just cracked me up! So made me think of my own furry little monsters!

Well my friends I'm off to enjoy my day! 

Are you a creature of habit or do you enjoy trying new things?
What is your favorite thing at Trader Joe's?

Eat clean, train hard, & inspire others!
-Kiwi && Me
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