Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals #3

Three months ago I joined a monthly program called Foodie Penpals. Foodie Penpals was started by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean in September 2011. There are participants in the United States, Canada, and now even over in the UK!

This month I was assigned to send a box to Anna! I sent her Love Grown Granola, Luna and Think Thin bars, Tazo tea, and our family's steak rub recipe. Head over to her blog to see how she liked it!

My package this month is from Montel! She sent me all kinds of little goodies to try out!

Where to start? Lots of goodies in this package! In fact the box came while I was at work and I received a text from my fiance begging me to let him open it. He is really into this Foodie Penpal thing! He just texted me back, "This box is awesome!" So Montel you have the fiance's seal of approval! He has been all over the pickled cactus which I was reluctant to try but LOVE IT!

I haven't gotten around to using or trying everything because things have been a little hectic. I added the dried fruit to my Love Grown Simply Oats for a nice afternoon snack! And the Cranberry Cinnamon Flatbreads are great! I've had to work to keep everyone out of those! But the everything else - will definitely show up in some breakfast or dinner pictures soon! 

On a seperate life note - I rocked Insanity Pure Cardio Sunday night! Holy moly my calves are still sore! That is such an awesome workout, most people dread it and I love it! 

And here is a funny picture of Mr. Jasper for you! Kiwi turned 14yrs old this month and I think she is starting to feel her age. She does way more sleeping and cuddling, and less torturing her mommy.

Have you tried anything new lately?
Do you love a workout that most hate?

Eat clean, train hard, and inspire others!
-Kiwi && Me

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