Monday, March 12, 2012

Do all vices come with a price?

I know we all have our weaknesses. If I had to come out and admit mine it would be that I LOVE DESERT. Cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, cookies, tres leches, carrot cake, and cakeballs. Now I think you and I both know that all of the tasty yum yums posted above do not have a place in a healthy diet. But can we still have tasty treats without paying for it later?

At one of our local carshows I really really wanted to go to get some chocolate ice cream with gummy bears. I'm salivating just thinking of it. But I thought."You know you can't have that if you want to reach your goal for today.” So I decided to try the place next door. Jamba Juice. I got a sixteen-ounce Mega Mango off the no sugar added menu (it still has sugar from the fruit just not added sugar). 230 calories of blended fruit goodness. All of a sudden I forgot how much I wanted that ice cream. Now this is my vice. I have to force myself to only go once a week. But can you see what I'm getting at? Find a healthy alternative to your vice! If you like pasta, try a recipe lightly tossed in oil instead of a heavy cream sauce. If you like fried chicken (that word is almost a cuss word in my house), try breading your chicken and baking it in the oven! There are healthy alternatives to our favorite treats that can keep us on the road to our goals. Don't let what you want right now affect what you want in the long run. I'm going to attach some healthy tasty recipes at the bottom ofthis post, so please browse though them for some ideas!

Accountability for today:

Breakfast - Ezekiel bread with peanut butter.

Snack - 1/2c of peanut butter cheerios and apples.

Lunch - Left over Sheppard's pie from last night. SO GOOOOD.

Snack - Jamba Juice.

Dinner - Low fat enchilada casserole. I will write down this recipe and post it up at a later time. 

Workout accountability - Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance for tonight. Nervous to get my butt kicked again.

So for your homework, I have my glasses on today so I'm feeling very teacher-ish, do some surfing around the internet for an alternative to your vice. Just cause we want to live a healthy life doesn't mean we have to be miserable my friends!

As for my furry counter part, she must be mad at me because I haven't seen her since she death stared me walking out of the kitchen. But my other fluffy loves are watching me type this. They become very friendly when its dinner time. And here I thought I was loved.

Live, Love and Lift.

-Kiwi and Me.

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