Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will work for goodies!

I've worked really hard this week, I can have an extra piece of cake. Errr, wrong. Rewarding with food and cheat meals should not be confused. While it is beneficial to have a cheat meal once a week to keep the body from thinking that it's starving, food should not be a reward for eating well and working hard. It's important to take some time and write some short term and long term goals down to stay focused and motivated. For each goal attach a reward like new gym shoes, new skinny jeans, an afternoon with friends, a good book, or a massage! Massages are my favorite reward. Never fail to fall asleep. Food should be fuel for your body; your stomach is not a waste basket. A destructive habit would be to use food as a reward and undo all the hard work already put in. So now that we are on the subject this girl went to the Nike Outlet today and got her shop on! I have really been noticing changes in my legs and in my back and thought hey, I deserve some new workout clothes not to mention I haven't bought any in almost two years. Kind of gross, I know. On the Nike website there is a pair of Capri workout pants for $55 and I got them for $15. I feel like I robbed the joint. But now I'm stoked to get my workout on and try them out! Also bought got a Live Strong dry fit running shirt. I really like to support Live Strong every chance I can since my grandmother had cancer (yes she is still with us). Not to mention Lance is a haus.

Well Ms. Kiwi is rubbing her head on my hand and making it very difficult to type. I would like to share with you guys her nick names because you may hear them a lot. Kiwi goes by Princess and Satan. She is pretty much a my-way-or-the-highway kind of girl and she doesn't like 99.9% of people. I think she is trying to tell me it's time to get my workout on.

So homework - set some goals and make it happen!

Live, Love and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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  1. My reward it going to be a new pair of really nice jeans and some cute summer clothes. Can't wait!


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