Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patience, yeah right.

Per request from my sister, I am going to approach the subject of patience. HAHAHAH. Whats that?

Earlier this evening on the way home from work I was cruising along 
in the camaro, my bright orange ego booster, and I felt like a size two super model.  My muscles felt tight, my waist felt small, and I was feeling awesome. But I walked into the house, past the mirror on the wall, and I looked like... well me. I was suddenly crushed. Sometimes working out and eating healthy can make us feel smaller than we are, but a quick look in the mirror can squash all your new found confidence. Its hard to have patience when you want so badly to see results right away. If only weight loss was easy, right?

Patience really does play a big roll in staying motivated when one is trying to lose weight. If you let the slow progression bother you it could kill your motivation and derail you from your goals. My solution, dwell on the small changes. When you put on your jeans and you no long have to struggle to button them up... When you notice a little more definition in your arms... Or when you look down and your leg looks slimmer... THOSE ARE RESULTS! They should be celebrated! By rejoicing in the small changes you can help keep yourself motivated. Remember this is a life style change. Not an instant change.

So for homework, still unfortunately wearing my nerd bird glasses people, take a second to notice the little changes and pat yourself on the back. Change is progress and that is all that matters. I saw a note on Pinterest that said, "Strive for progress, not perfection." AMEN.

Look at this princess. She never smiles does she? This is her "Mom, hurry up and get your workout on so you can feed me" face. I'm so loved.

Live, Love and Lift.

-Kiwi and Me.

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  1. Well said, Nerd Bird! The incremental goals will definitely add up.


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