Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To fail or not to fail... That is the question.

So I have to get real with you guys, yesterday I cooked dinner, wrote my blog post, and had every intention of working out. My sinuses have been trying to take me down so I have been loading up on vitamins and pushing through the misery but my eyes hurt so I wore my glasses yesterday... And they have me the worst headache. So I went to bed at nine and felt terrible for missing my workout. 

Life happens and your day is not always going to go as you planned. My off day this week was supposed to be Friday, so now that I missed yesterday I'll have to make up for it on Friday and I'm totally okay with that. You have to learn to accept you had a bad day, adapt, and do the best you can going forward. Don't let one bad day ruin your whole week! If you fall off the horse make a game plan, jump back on, and ride out guns blazing! Like Tony Horton from P90X says, "Do your best and forget the rest!"

On Tuesdays I go to my friend Sarah's house and we do P90X while our men cook a healthy dinner! She has a really cool blog about her journey to get her body back, check it out. Tonight was Plyometrics, which is my FAVORITE, well they are all my favorite except yoga. Stupid chaturanga. Back to the point, my legs were on fire, that workout never gets old! I have never had much of a backside so I'm pretty excited that all the squats and lunges are paying off! The guys made Skinny Taste Sloppy Joes! They were very very good! We are very lucky ladies indeed. 

As for Ms. Kiwi here is a picture of her being camera shy. What a brat! She isn't handling her new found fame very well. I told her she is going to lose her marketability if she doesn't shape up. And yes I know those are the thickest glasses you have ever seen. I'm a nerd bird and I know it. 

So since I'm rocking my teacher glasses again, your homework is to think of a time you missed a workout or ate a bad meal and how it affected your week and how you could have handled the situation better. 

Live, Love, and Lift.

-Kiwi and Me

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