Sunday, March 11, 2012

HOLY 300

Well on a whim I checked my views and this blog has had over THREE HUNDRED views in only three days! I am speechless! Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Even if it was a mistake and you were like what the heck is this, thank you.

I have always wanted to help motivate people to live a healthier life style and when I finally decided to blog I was worried that my voice wouldn't be heard, which if funny because my family says God broke my volume control! So I am very happy and humbled that this blog is doing well, well I think three hundred views is well. I THINK IT IS AWESOME. I know we aren't always going to agree on things, health and fitness is ever changing and there are many different views out there but hopefully we can learn from each other.

So again, thank you thank you thank you. And please check back. This is definitely a learning process and I hope to only get better at this with time.

PS. Kiwi says come back or she will hunt you down. Doesn't she look scary? That is her don't mess with me face.

Live, Love and Lift.

-Kiwi and Me.

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