Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun + Furry Friday

Happy Friday! It is finally that favorite day of most everyone's week! {Personally Sunday is my favorite} Today is a great day though because I don't have to work and its Dad's Birthday! Though we aren't celebrating until tomorrow, I still wish all the love and happiness to the best man I have ever know! 

Last night I cooked Dad and the fiance homemade pizza while they watched Swamp People. They are addicted. I swore I would never watch it, but now I get drawn in. Some of those alligators are HUGE. The fiance has family near where that show is filmed in Louisiana, and I was born in Slidell - so I guess we are both technically cajun babies. {Crawfish, shrimp creole, and gumbo are my favooooorite} Afterwards I made them give up the TV so I could do another Jillian Michaels' workout before bed. Get my butt kicked - accomplished.

{me waiting on their show to end to workout}

I hate it when you are excited to sleep in and you wake up at the butt crack of dawn. 7:30 - bam - I'm awake. So I got up and cooked myself scrambled eggs with feta and a crumbled black bean burger {my current breakfast addiction}. After that I headed to town {yeah I live far away enough from town to say that} to run errands and a quick workout at the gym! 40 minutes of elliptical while I watched some of Fast Five; I love car movies.

I stopped by Kroger for some ingredients for the recipes I said I wanted to try yesterday. I also had to grab some things for some recipes of my own that I'll be posting up in the next few days! {so check back}

{I'm getting crazy addicted to that Mission Quacamole Dip - like hardcore}

When I got home I made my Dad watch my new movie! I love Mirror Mirror, it is a clean family movie and it is pretty funny. I also love that Snow White saves herself. Check it out!

I snacked on some Love Grown granola and blueberries with some Tazo Passion Tea while the fiance cleaned the kitchen. {I dusted, that counts for something right?}

Well my little sister Logann is almost here {YAY} and we are headed to go pick up my mother from the airport! So I bid you all goodnight!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and like I said check back for some fun fresh recipes! 

Last but not least its Furry Friday, so I thought I would show of Her Royal Highness, Kiwi herself!

What is your favorite way to eat granola?
Do you like to watch tv, listen to music, or have silence while you workout?

Live, Love, and Lift!
-Kiwi and Me
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