Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Crafty

With my job every three weeks I get a five day weekend. I either travel, or find fun ways to enjoy my time off. After a weekend in Fort Worth with my family, I have spent yesterday and today trying new things.

Yesterday for lunch, we used the last of the pizza dough for lunch. The fiance wanted a Cajun pizza, we were both born in south Louisiana. So we topped it with mozzarella, feta, shrimp tossed in Cajun seasoning, onions and bell peppers. When the fiance said shrimp on a pizza I was like, "Are you serious?" Then when it came out I proceeded to act like I didn't like it, even though it was pretty darn tasty.

Then last night, we wanted to try out Skinny Taste's recipe for Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayo. But then realized we didn't have the two hours needed for them to freeze before baking, so we bought chipotle black bean burgers at the store, but still made the chipotle mayo and added avocados. SO GOOD. We also oven roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. After dinner, we sat outside on the porch and enjoyed the evening air, watching all the planes coming and going. Was very relaxing.

I came home this morning to see that my dad had picked the garden. We are gonna be neck deep in veggies this summer! Spent part of the afternoon shelling that whole bucket of peas, ruined my nail polish but boy is it therapeutic. 

Today just happened to be one of my favorite kind of days. Stormy. I decided to make Itty Bits of Balance's Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. I was originally making them for someone else, but after my family got a hold of them I had to make another batch cause they deemed that pan their own. My hat's off to Brittany, those are tasty! I had also planned to bake some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but we lost power and while we have a generator you can't run the air conditioner and the oven at the same time. So after I finish writing this, I'll be baking again!

The fiance has a sweet tooth like no other so I was having to beat him to keep him out of the white chocolate chips!

The only bummer about today is that I'm fighting a terrible headache, so that may put a damper on my workout plans. But I'm hoping that by later tonight I'll be able to push through it.

On a happier note, looks like WE ARE ADOPTING. A dog. We submitted our application with a local border collie rescue and hope to hear back soon. Right now it will be a family dog, the fiance and I may try to take it with us when we go our own way but that will depend on some things. This ranch seems to make pups happy, would hate to move it to a stuffy neighborhood if it was going to be unhappy. So we will see.


What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days?

Live, Love and Lift!
-Kiwi and Me

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