Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can't Complain

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days that you look back at and say, "that was a really good day". I got up early, had my ezekiel raisin bread, and went for a walk on the beach with my mother, sister and the fiance. We walked two miles down the water front until we were in front of one of the local air force bases. With no one around we jumped into the water for a quick swim. It was just us, the sparkling clear water, and the sun. It was so peaceful. I felt like we were on our own little island. Then we made the returning two mile walk back to the condo. Walking on beach sand is NO JOKE. My legs and bum are sore today.

Since I've been getting a lot of sun the last few days, and I'm of the pasty white nature I spent the afternoon on the patio. It was nice to listen to the waves, read more of The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper and get some blog stuff done. Why can't I have a beach in my back yard?
For dinner, we all headed to The Back Porch for some seafood. We ordered our food and then us girls went outside to grab a picture or two. Quick lesson: Don't go take pictures after drinking margaritas. It only leads to pandelerium, funny pandelerium though. I ordered the shrimp and scallops, and asked for them to not be cooked in butter. Guess what? They showed up, covered in butter and the waiter disappeared. Story of my life. So my Dad laughed as I took every piece and dabbed them with my napkin. You gotta do what you gotta do! All in all it was very good, the tuna dip was to delicious!

I love being at the beach, it is so relaxing. But I can honestly say I miss my kittys. And driving my car. [She is just sitting underneath the building, lonely.] The fiance has his state trooper physical in two weeks. He has to run 1.5 miles in 13.33 minutes, today he did it in 13.44. He has asthma so it's hard for him to push himself but I think he is doing pretty good, he just needs to shave off a few more seconds in two weeks. I'm very proud of him.

Tonight we are boiling shrimp! Who is excited? This girl!

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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