Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chilling and Grilling

Good Evening!

Last night, after I left work I went to the store with every intention to a few ingredients to make Skinny Taste’s Shrimp Creole, per fiancé and mom’s request. But right as I walked into the produce section, there was dinner screaming in my face. Veggie kabobs. Mushrooms, peppers, squash, zucchini, and onion! Already packaged and ready to go (and yes I’m one of those weird people that looks at the time stamp to make sure they are fresh). So I called the fiancé and said change of plans, you’re grilling! And that made him happy. That boy loves to grill. So I grabbed a few sweet potatoes, some other odd and end stuff I needed for the week, and headed home.

At home I mixed two teaspoons of olive oil, garlic pepper, chipotle seasoning, and some garlic powder (I like lots of garlic). I mixed it together and brushed it over the veggies.

The fiancé got some shrimp out of the freezer, thawed them, and put them on the skewers. He seasoned them with jerk seasoning and then brushed with spicy bar-b-que sauce.

As for the sweet potatoes we just wrapped them in foil and put them on the grill for forty minutes.

When they were close to done we tossed on the veggies and the shrimp! And voila! Deliciousness! Just added a little spray butter and garlic pepper to my sweet potato! O-M-G! So good. I need to hardcore work on my pictures. I know, I'm sorry.

I ended the night with some Total Body Sculpt by Gilad, I know I said I would do Insanity but I missed Gilad so that’s what I did. Compound moves were killing me. And I had this little monkey making my workout difficult by climbing on me, biting me, and getting under foot. The fiancé had to come grab her like three times. I couldn’t help but laugh though the last time he came out and he called her name and she went all sweet and innocent on him. Brat. Today, I am sore sore sore. 

In other news, our garden is booming! We started doing a summer and winter garden a few years ago and while it started off small it has grown to include all kinds of things! 

We used to plant rows of squash and would have five gallon buckets slap full on the back of the porch and still had to give some away! But one year these creepy crawlies called vine boars moved in and killed all out plants. We tried growing them in different areas, all kinds of natural ways to kill the little suckers (Candace is a degree in green thumbery, on top of being a quilter and awesome cook - I have a great gene pool) with no luck so we finally gave up. Well see those two wooden boxes behind the garden, those are compost piles. We returned from vacation and Dad went to take out the compost and holy moly - squash plants that had been tossed in there upon their death had sprung forth!

I'm so excited, I hope the boars leave them alone!! Pray for my squash - serious! 

And now time for me to stop slacking and catch up on my Photo A Day!

13. Mum - ours have all passed, so you get a sunflower.

14. Grass

15. Love

16. What you're reading - On my Mom's iPad

17. Snack

18. Something you made - I made a trip

19. A favorite place

20. Something you can't live without - Seriously.

21. Where you stand - Love my shoes

22. Pink

23. Technology

Question: Do you have a garden? And what do you grow?

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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