Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Week in Review

Good evening! Sorry I have been a little MIA but I've been all over the place the last couple of days! In a good way! Friday, my older sister (who runs Salt Water Quilts) and I decided to have a shopping day since we have been trying to reach our optimum goal weights for a while now and have been putting off new clothes as long as possible. Lunch was of course the first priority, so we headed to America's, a Cordua restaurant in The Woodlands. I didn't want to valet, because I don't trust people with my baby (camaro), so we parked a block away and decided to walk over. Walking to the restaurant we realized that it was the day before The Iron Man and there were crazy fit people as far as the eye could see. Literally, it was like a fitness mecca. My sister had never been to America's, its pretty pricey but delicious, and as soon as they placed the plantain chips and pesto on the table she was in LOVE. They have marvelous mojitos, so of course we had to have one! I had empanadas, bad of me I know, and Candace had the Pollo Ahuacatl (grilled chicken with organic quinoa, grilled asparagus, with an avocado sauce). Perfect lunch for a girls day. 

Next was on to shopping, so we walked from the restaurant to the mall. Epic FAIL. I really really hate when you have money to go shopping and nothing fits or everything is just not your style. We went to every store in the mall and didn't leave with much. I was pretty happy about buying size four cut off shorts at the Gap though. And I let everyone in the fitting rooms know it too. I did pick up my first pair of Tom's, in navy, and I love them. So comfortable, definitely going back for the dark grey. I know I'm behind the times.

I am writing this blog from my vacation spot, which is just shy of being in Heaven. The only thing that stinks is that the condo has a very weak workout room. The upside is that there is a two mile jogging path across the street, so I hit it up this morning for some fresh air and Vitamin D. I packed my hand weights, resistance bands and my handy dandy book of super sets. No excuses, my friends. Just because I'm on vacation and out of my comfort zone doesn't mean I'm going to give up on working out for a week. I got up early to got my sweat on, had my workout done by nine am and was soaking up the rays on the beach by ten. Its been a wonderful day. [Besides my fiance messing up putting sunscreen on my upper back so I'm sun burnt day 1, such a stinker.]

I have some neat pictures already for this coming weeks WIAW, and if everything goes right a guest blogger. So check back. 

A week in review:
Being a Good Influence 
What I Ate Wednesday #2
Foam Rollers

I know I missed Furry Friday and I'm behind on my Photo A Days but I will catch up. Promise.

Live, Love, and Lift! 

-Kiwi (I miss her) and Me

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  1. America's.... SO GOOD! I love that restaurant and am totally hooked! I love your beach picture, I don't know how you do it!

  2. Ah, it never fails that when you have money to spend, you can't find anything you like right? But yay for size 4 shorts! You should be proud! :)

  3. Candace - It was so delicious! i can't believe i didn't know lunch was so reasonable. And its magic... And an app on my phone.

    Stefanie - Right? I was really sad that I couldn't find clothes. Guess that means I can spend that money on something else! Thank you! I am very proud!


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