Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Whoa, wait! Healthy... Fudge?

I'm back, and with a recipe! Not mine, I'm not that crafty yet! I saw this recipe over at Eating Clean on Facebook and just HAD to share! Remember how I posted the entry 'Do all vices come with a price'? Well here is a very good example of finding a healthy alternative to something that you love that in its original form may not be the best for you. What girl doesn't love an excuse to eat fudge? Well here you go, protein fudge. Two birds, one stone!

Eating Clean, Getting Lean Protein Fudge 
16 ounces
1/2 cup Chocolate ProtiZyme by Metabolic Nutrition
1 TBSP cocoa powder (I used Valrhona cocoa for an even darker, richer outcome)
2 TBSP raw, organic honey or 2 packs of Stevia
1 tsp high quality vanilla extract
1/2 cup raw, organic coconut butter (also known as coconut oil)

Add all ingredients to a small mixing bowl, except for coconut butter.
Add softened coconut butter and mix well with a spatula.†
Line a 8x6 pan with wax paper and pour fudge into the pan.
Refrigerate about 30 minutes, or until firm. Store in the refrigerator.
†Coconut butter melts into coconut oil when stored above 76ºF. You will want this so that you can easily mix it, so if your coconut butter is hard, place it in an ovenproof container and put it in the oven at the lowest temperature you oven will set to, and it will melt pretty quickly.

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

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