Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals #1

Last month I joined a monthly program called Foodie Penpals. Foodie Penpals was started by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean in September 2011. The group of participants has grown from 30 to over 600! There are participants in the United States, Canada, and now even over in the UK!

On the fifth of the month Lindsay sent me the names of the two pen pals I was assigned. I would sent a box to Josie over at Happy Corredora, and would receive from the awesome Elin in PA! After exchanging emails I set out to find interesting food to send to Josie on my $15 budget. You can include interesting foods, recipes, home cooked treats - as long as it is cool and interesting!

When I got home from Florida on Sunday, there was my box waiting for me! I dropped everything and opened it up!! Elin included a recipe, as well as all kinds of tasty chocolatey and peanut buttery treats!

First, Elin wrote me a wonderful card with an owl on it! And this makes me happy because I talked about how much I loved owls many moons ago!

The box also included these tasty treats! My Dad and the fiance laid claims on the Hot chocolate - I didn't get to taste but I am told it was quite delicious.

She also sent me her recipe for her Spinach Salad with Mustard Dressing! Since I'm still in a post vacation funk I haven't had time to make it, but it is on my to do list!! Pictures at a later date!

The dark chocolate - my weakness - was delicious and the peanut butter melt was an awesome addition to ice cream! 

It was so fun getting to chat with you Elin, you are very sweet! First month of Foodie Pen Pals was a definite score! Check out Josie's blog to see the goodies I sent her way!

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

For tips, suggestions, questions, or if you just want to share your weight loss pictures or story - email me at: kiwiandmefit(at)gmail(dot)com!
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