Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Good morning! Its another WIAW post and I'm doing things a little bit different this week. Instead of posting everything I had in one day, I'm posting all the things I ate this week that caught my eye! A little variety never hurt anyone! I hope you guys enjoy!

----What WIAW isn't about----
Comparison - Judgement - Restriction - Guilt

----What WIAW is about----
Celebrating one of the glorious things we all have in common: We all eat!

WIAW is about food and fun! It's about making new friends, breaking out of a food rut, noting changes in your diet/lifestyle, inspiring yourself & others, embracing fruit & vegetables, nourishing your body with the foods that work for you, finding new ways to eat your favorite foods, and so much more <3
-Peas and Crayons

I recently discovered these, and I'm in love.

Thursday night my sister Candace made chicken, beans and veggies in a crock pot and served it over couscous. SO GOOD.

Friday, we went to America's and they serve plantains with pesto as the appetizer, and I had a delicious mojito.

Maybe its all the sun I have been getting lately but I'm ADDICTED to strawberries, fresca, and pina coladas.

Me and Fresca are like peas and carrots.

Pina coladas are particularly great to drink here.

For dinner tonight we went to Old Bay Steamer, family and all the seafood you can fit in your face. What else could a girl ask for?

Sorry for the harsh light, my iphone was not happy about taking pictures at the restaurant, its a very dark atmosphere.

The fiance and me, he is adorable

Well that is all folks. I hope you enjoyed all the eye candy!

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi (day four without her) and Me

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  1. I love Pop Chips! The bbq ones are my fave.

  2. I haven't tried those yet! I will pick up a bag when I run out. Thanks for stopping by! :) - KFB

  3. I have a feeling I could totally come to your house and raid your fridge! Fresca and Popchips, boom!

  4. I haven't tried pop chips yet, but I want to. I think I might be the only person who hasn't. I don't think they sell fresca where I live. What is it?

  5. Courtney- Lol! They are so good!!

    CaffeineJunkie- I heard about Popchips from Jillian Michaels podcasts, and have been addicted ever since! Fresca is a citrus flavored caffeine free sparkling soda water. You should be able to find it on your local soda aisle, it's usually on the bottom shelf!


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