Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You're stressing me out...

Stress. This seems to be my middle name this month. I just seem to have a lot going on between finals, meeting my fitness goals but the deadlines I’ve set for myself, and getting KFB going in the direction that I want. By nature I’m a worry wart. I will pick anything, break it down and make myself crazy stressing about it. Even though I think what stress is capable of inflicting on the body.

Stress can give you tension headaches, which not only are miserable and can last for days, they can also put a damper on your workout schedule.

Stress can cause your body to retain extra water fluid. It can also lead to restlessness or a lack of sleep that also causes your body to retain water. Water retention can add a pound or two on the scale.

Stress can cause nausea which can make you not want to eat. Or it can cause you to binge eat in which you might eat too much.

So what to do about stress? If something is stressing you out stop and think of what the worst case scenario and the best case is. Make a game plan on what you will do if the worst cast happens and a game plan to help you achieve the best case. Always have a plan of attack. My mother is always telling me when I’m stressed, “Why are you stressing? What’s the worst that can happen?”  If it’s a test, make a studying strategy, if its  weight loss plan your workouts and your meals a head of time. Planning ahead can really help eliminate useless stress.

As for workouts, here is a quick superset that you can add to your arsenal. Just do thirty to forty-five minutes of your favorite cardio and then add this on top! Complete the three sets three times and you're done! You’ll feel great, though worn out, after!

And lastly, PHOTO A DAY! I know I missed yesterday, I told you I may be a little slow this week until finals are over on Thursday. Have a really cool post coming up tomorrow that I think you will all enjoy!

May 7th: Someone that inspires you.

This man right here. First I’d have picked my family but they are anti-pictures via social media so I’ll go to the next best thing. The fiancĂ©. He has overcome some pretty steep odds to get where he is today. He is two months from graduating and trying out for the State Troopers academy! He always supports me in everything I do, even though he knows he is going to get pulled into it. He knows exactly what to say to keep me motivated, and he doesn’t let me slack off even when I’d like to. He is awesome. And cute.

May 8th: A smell you adore.

Lavender. My mother always buys us these wonderful homemade sachets packed full of lavender. When my head hits the pillow at night, I get a big whiff of amazing! She actually had to buy the fiancé one because he kept stealing mine. And lavender bath salts in the tub, best relaxation ever.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and remember, if something is worrying you or stressing you out – determine the best and worst case scenario and make a game plan! It will make you feel much better!

And I thought I would show you guys this. This is the mass kitty treat round up we have every night! Little stinkers. Kiwi will steal Pookey and Jaspers treats, no shame in her game. Brat.

Live, Love, and Lift!

-Kiwi and Me

For tips, suggestions, questions, or if you just want to share your weight loss pictures and story - email me at: kiwiandmefit@gmail.com

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